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Guest Information

Welcome to our guest information page. We hope that it will enable you to enjoy the day to the full.

We hope the information in this section answers most of your queries – please contact us if you have any additional queries.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wadhurst Castle!

Please could guests kindly not arrive more than 30 minutes before the ceremony. We are aware that anyone travelling some distance must allow plenty of time, however as we are a private house we are unable to serve you refreshments in advance of the event. Wadhurst village is only a short walk away and has a good choice of pubs and cafes serving refreshments for any guests arriving early.

Getting a taxi from the Castle, particularly on weekend evenings, is far from easy, especially if you are staying locally. If one is not booked in advance it is probable it will be necessary to call one from Tunbridge Wells incurring a cab fare of over £20 even if you are only going a mile down the road! Those returning to Tunbridge Wells may have to wait over an hour for a taxi if not booked well in advance, so can we please ask you to book your transport in advance. We would highly recommend re-confirming your booking the day before the event also.

Local Taxis

Wealden Private Hire – 01892 320232

Wadhurst Village Cab Co – 01892 785711

Just Minibuses – 01892 852281
Tony – 07836 679119
Paul – 07767 381672

RSA Taxi Service
07837 064853

Martin’s Private Hire
07951 385615

Tunbridge Wells Taxis

Royal Tunbridge Wells Taxis
01892 247247
07534 679567

Walkers Cars – 01892 522522

Streamline Taxis – 01892 511911

Crown Cars – 01892 541188

Please note only confetti provided by the castle is permitted. Generally the Bride & Groom will have organised confetti for their guests in advance for their ceremony.

The HaHa, so called because of the sound emitted when someone steps over the edge falling several feet in to the field below, is at the end of the main lawn in the front of the Castle.

There are fountains and ponds in the grounds in addition to the HaHa, so could you please kindly ensure that your children do not venture outside unattended.

We are delighted to welcome guests with wide heels and wedges, however narrow/stiletto heels are destroying the parquet floors and we ask that guests wear as wide heels as possible. We may ask you to put on heel protectors to prevent damage to the floor if required.